Bart Roman

Founder & CSO

With a dynamic blend of scientific acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, Bart is committed to advancing the frontiers of biology and chemistry with a singular goal: translating novel insights into clinically meaningful answers to unmet medical needs. He has a particular passion for oncology and fibrosis.

Bart  is a founder and the CSO of Amalus Therapeutics. He holds a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences (Ghent University, Belgium) . He trained in medicinal chemistry with Chris Stevens (Ghent University, Belgium) and in experimental cancer research with Marc Bracke (Ghent University Hospital, Belgium). After a postdoc with Phil Baran (the Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, USA), he developed several research lines in mechanobiology and targeted cancer therapeutics at Ghent University. In 2019, Bart was awarded the Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia Prize of the French Society for Medicinal Chemistry.

In his free time, Bart enjoys spending time with his family, mountain hiking, traveling and engaging in photography.